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DELTABEAM® leads the way to optimizing the potential of different materials

Different materials have different properties and characteristics. Warm, welcoming wood, sleek steel, or raw, industrial concrete – by combining the three, we get the best out of each, and DELTABEAM® is at the heart of the solution.

Slim floors and superior benefits with DELTABEAM®

DELTABEAM® Composite Beam allows combining renewable and ecological timber with two of the strongest materials, steel and concrete. DELTABEAM® is an excellent solution for creating a slim floor structure with timber slabs, which is generally not possible for traditional timber structures on long spans. Typically, the DELTABEAM® timber composite solution reduces total floor thickness between 10 to 30 percent.

DELTABEAM® composite action between concrete and steel allows long spans that create open spaces with minimum columns. The beams are integrated in the slabs, which guarantees architectural freedom. Smooth ceilings enable additional room height and easier technical installations. Additionally, fireproofing is already integrated into DELTABEAM®, eliminating the need for a complex fire painting on-site.

DELTABEAM® Green with timber floors – the more sustainable hybrid solution

DELTABEAM® Green matches perfectly with the sustainable impact of ecological timber floors, as they are made with 90% recycled steel. The environmental impact of DELTABEAM® Green has been reduced significantly compared to traditional steel structures. The environmental impacts are confirmed by EPD, and the carbon footprint is minimized in combination with timber floors.

Since 1989 DELTABEAM® Composite Beams have been used in thousands of buildings globally. DELTABEAM® Composite Beams have been subjected to a rigorous testing program and the solution is widely approved in various countries. Peikko technical support is always available to help you to find the most suitable solution for your project.

Optimal outcomes with DELTABEAM®: inspiring spaces for education and learning

DELTABEAM® Slim Floor Structure is a solution that enables designing and building large, open spaces with long spans and smooth ceilings. Educational buildings such as schools and kindergartens need to be safe, inspiring, and filled with natural light. Added value comes from using sustainable solutions and considering change and different long-term needs. A hybrid structure such as DELTABEAM® Composite Beam with timber slabs ticks all the boxes for an optimal outcome.

Safe, sustainable and energy-efficient school buildings

One of the most significant impacts of DELTABEAM® is how it contributes to making buildings more sustainable through its ability to make floors slimmer. Slim floor buildings require less cladding for the same usable interior volume, which in turn reduces heating and cooling energy consumption. Moreover, the reinforcement inside the beam ensures integrated and non-toxic fireproofing, which offers additional savings and improves the safety of the building.

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DELTABEAM® Matrix for timber educational buildings

We provide comprehensive product details and technical specifications to help you select the optimal span lengths, connections, and materials for the structure of your educational building. Download the DELTABEAM® matrix for timber educational buildings and see the kind of standard products we offer. We are always here to help you reach the optimal outcome – so please get in touch and let’s talk more about the best hybrid solutions for your project!

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PUUCO® – Peikko’s timber-based hybrid construction enabler

To reach the optimal, hybrid outcome, each structural frame deserves the best beams and connections. PUUCO® Timber Connections is our new range of standardized connections that enable connecting timber and concrete seamlessly and reliably in large and heavy structures. PUUCO® Timber Connections is the next level in forming our complete ecosystem of hybrid solutions that enable using DELTABEAM® Slim Floor Structure with all kinds of building materials.

ROOCO® Column Shoe

ROOCO® Column Shoe for glue-laminated timber columns is a modular connection to keep the cross-sections. ROOCO® Column Shoe connects to timber columns with a glued screw or a threaded bar.

TICCO® Wall Shoe

TICCO® Wall Shoe connects CLT walls to foundations or to lower floors. ​TICCO® Wall Shoe connects to beams with shear plates and dowel bars.

RAMCO® Corbel

RAMCO® Hidden Corbel enables connecting DELTABEAM® Composite Beam to tall, multi-story columns. RAMCO® Hidden Corbel connects to columns with shear plates and dowel bars.

BRAMCO® Beam Shoe

BRAMCO® Beam Shoe is a beam shoe for glue-laminated beams.​ BRAMCO® Beam Shoe connects to beams with shear plates and dowel bars.  

NILCO® Wood-concrete Composite Slab Connector

NILCO® Wood-Concrete Composite Slab Connector transmits forces between a CLT slab and topping concrete​. NILCO® Wood-Concrete Composite Slab Connector is pressed onto the slab and it transfers forces through nails.