Bad Hersfeld Hospital Car Park, Bad Hersfeld, Germany

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There are currently 55 million passenger cars registered in Germany, and the number is rising. They are mainly used for transport from A to B and are parked between journeys. As a result, these vehicles are parked for an average of 22.5 hours a day.

Parking areas are becoming increasingly important in our everyday lives. It does not seem to make much sense to develop large ground level areas for parking, as the "one-storey" level leaves the space above unused. Especially in the inner cities space is scarce, and so solutions are sought to "stack" vehicles on top of each other.

The new construction of a parking deck must meet a variety of requirements. For the builder, the construction of the multi-storey car park must be economical, and the construction should cause the lowest possible maintenance and servicing costs during operation. For the user, clearly arranged, well-lit parking areas without disturbing supports and girders as well as simple guidance systems are important. For inner-city construction measures, fire protection requirements must be complied with in order to avoid encroachments on existing neighbouring buildings. If necessary, the building structure must be adapted to the existing structure, both architecturally and structurally. In particular, the height development and foundation depths must be considered in order not to impair existing foundations.

The companies DW SYSTEMBAU, HOFMEISTER Gussasphalt and Peikko Deutschland have developed a concept for multi-storey car park constructions for all these diverse requirements. The basic principle is based on flat slab constructions, column-free parking and traffic areas and robust mastic asphalt waterproofing. A concept that convinced those responsible in Bad Hersfeld.  

The three-storey new building was designed by Dorbritz Architects as an open parking garage in a split-level system. It consists of six parking levels, each of which is offset from each other by half floors and offers space for 215 cars. The generous width of the parking bays of 2.75 m each is an indicator that the comfort of the clinic's patients is at the forefront here.

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