Beijing Kuntai Jia Hengsun River Shanty Renovation Project, China

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The Beijing Kuntai Jia Hengsun River shanty renovation project is an important supporting measure for Chaoyang District to implement the strategic positioning of the capital city, build Beijing into the national science and technology innovation center of "three cities and one district", and build "China's Silicon Valley".

The project has a total construction area of 272,000 square meters, including 100,000 square meters underground and 172,000 square meters above ground.It is divided into three apartment types A, B and C.

After completion, it will mainly be used for the relocation and resettlement of residents near the Wenyu River.

The project is designed and manufactured by Beijing Yantong Construction Component Co., LTD., which adopts sandwich insulation wall, inner wall panel of 200 mm, outer wall panel of 60 mm, insulation board of 100 mm, and Peikko's PDM150 sandwich insulation wall connector. 

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550,000 m2
北京市住宅产业化集团股份有限公司设计院,Design Institute of Beijing Housing Industrialization Group Co., LTD
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北京市燕通建筑构件有限公司,Beijing Yantong Construction Components Co., LTD

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