Kunshan Open University Project , Kunshan, Suzhou , China

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As the first prefabricated project in Kunshan city, the new construction project for Kunshan Open University completed joint installation and acceptance in 2018, and won the "2018 Suzhou Construction Industry Modernization Demonstration Project". 

The student apartments 1# ~ 4# have a total construction area of 54,300 square meters.

It's an integrated concrete shear wall structure - prefabricated sandwich insulation outer wall panel structure. The precast components include: precast sandwich insulation outer wall panel, precast laminated floor, and precast stairs.

The prefabrication rate of this project is about 35%, and the total amount of precast concrete is about 6,500 cubic meters. Among them, Peikko provided prefabricated sandwich insulation wall panel connector products.

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54,300 m2
常州研砼建筑科技有限公司 Changzhou Yan Concrete Construction Technology Co. LTD; 杰通建筑工业有限公司Jietong construction Industry Co., LTD
上海研砼建筑设计有限公司, Shanghai Yan Concrete Architecture Design Co., LTD

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