Peikko Designer® BOLTED CONNECTION offers a user-friendly web interface and project management tools for efficient design control and project saving.

Peikko Designer® BOLTED CONNECTION allows for defining joints with various cross-section shapes and bolt configurations, supporting torsion as a load input. The software features an interactive 3D model of the connection, internal force distribution plots, and resistance domains for normal force and biaxial bending moments.

Peikko Designer® BOLTED CONNECTION conducts concrete verifications of headed anchor bolts according to EN 1992-4, visualizes concrete breakout surfaces, and provides detailed access to calculation results for transparency in the design process and methodology.

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Column Connection

Met de Peikko Designer® kolomverbindingsmodule selecteert u een geschikte combinatie van Peikko-kolomschoenen en ankerbouten.

Anchor Plate

Met de Peikko Designer® ankerplaat­module kunt u een geschikte Peikko-ankerplaat berekenen en selecteren uit onze standaard afmetingen, of uw eigen ankerplaat ontwerpen die past bij uw ontwerp.

Punching Reinforcement

Ontwerp ponswapening voor vloerplaten, grondplaten en funderingen.